Green Outdoor Furniture

This outdoor furniture might not be the most functionally-pleasing furniture, but it is novelty and unique at least for your yard or garden. It is stunning and creative for the senses.


A Britain-based Rousseau deisgn firm, which rely on innovative use of technology for modern designs, just showcased some of their new products. Their pieces all have a posh, high-end feel ,which both looks sleek and classy.

If you do not take a closer look, you probably won’t know what it is. If you take a closer look, you may think it is a chair. Well, it could be a chair. But actually, it is a bulb. Amazing, isn’t it! I love it, what about you?

This Limo Leather Sofa is part of the Modern Collection. While most of people can not afford a fancy car, they however, can get this luxury sofa at affordable prices. Specializing in modern classics, Main Street Modern brings popular and admired mid-century inspired pieces into the modern home. This sofa brings a celebrated design into your home. It features a whimsical design made of floating cushions, offering both captivating design and welcoming comfort.

The first online branch store of Neo Furnishings  – is open now to the public as originally planned. The domain itself clearly shows that the site carries a wide selection of sectional sofas, couches, futons, chairs and more. The mission of the site is to make your sofa shopping an easy task and a pleasant experience.

It is not a surprise to see people not being able to find the right styles of sectional sofas at the local retail store because local stores usually offer very limited selections and most of the time, at prices that have been marked up for over 200%.  This is exactly why online stores are not only necessary but essential for customers to find the right piece at the right price.  We have taken all the necessary steps to reduce the operation cost and the benefits can be passed on to you and many other online shoppers.

More and more sectionals will be added weekly and make sure you check back often for new arrivals and promotional items as we offer free shipping on selected items.

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