The new Cali series sectional by True Comfort features bonded leather. It is the leather that looks and feels like genuine leather. It also comes with free matching ottoman and 2 free throw pillows for a complete living room deco. The good thing about bonded leather is that it cost only a fraction of the price. This cali sectional is available in espresso, saddle and walnut.

Cali Sectional Sofa


A.C. Furniture Company, one of the country’s largest contract manufacturers of seating specifically intended for the hospitality, food service, and healthcare segments of the commercial furniture, joined to be one of our great team members

AC Furniture carries a wide selection of lounge chairs, accent chairs, loveseats and chairs.  A lot of styles carried by AC Furniture can not be found from has been working on adding more qualified vendors and products to the site. As a result, we have seen more orders coming in due to the great product selection and great price. Unlike some other competitors in the industry, we have been working very hard on optimizing our operating costs and therefore offering an affordable price on sofas and recliners. In the meantime, we are looking for another professional sales person so that customers can have a better support and experience when ordering from

Westwood Sectional Sofa

At this point, customers can choose sofas from trusted brand names such as Alphaville Design, Wholesale Interiors, True Comfort, Diamond Sofas and Coaster Company. More vendors and products will be added in the next couple of months.

At my first peek, i though it is yellow car that is cut in half or something like transformer. But when look closely, it is actually a modern leather sofa. This is the description taken from the site:

“Available custom to your specification. Trunk opens to expose nicely finished bar area.”  Some nice pictures of this couch.  If you look at picture 3, wouldn’t you think it is a car?  Well, if you have some money on hand, say $5000, then you can get it to surprise your friends and visitors.

Modern Yellow Sofa

Modern Yellow Sofa-2

Modern Yellow Sofa3

Probably most of us will need a coffee table at home and certainly this multi-colored coffee table won’t go unnoticed. Its sleek metal legs boast a chrome finish that adds to its sophisticated air. With so many colors available, it’s easy to create a distinctive look with this coffee table. Well, if you get a good bonus from your paycheck, then you probably can buy a lot of different colors and then you can rearrange the table for different seasons.

I was searching the idea of hanging a bed in your room and find this from eHow. It is a good guide but about making a hanging bed outdoor.

What I had in mind is actually hanging the bed in one’s bedroom especially when the bed is a queen or king sized bed. Just think about the spaces it will save and how cool it is to see a “flying bed”. I finally find this post from a mattress blog:

I don’t want to repeat what they are saying so I invite everyone to take a look and let me know if you like this idea.
Hanging Bed

I have always wanted to look at Italy leather sofa even though i can’t afford one myself. They are very beautiful and elegant to look at.

Plaza Leather Sofa
Plaza Leather Sofa
You can’t buy a more comfortable Italian leather sofa than Plaza. The contemporary headrest are not attached and are removable. There are more colors to choose from to match almost any decors in a room

Releve Sofa
This Releve Italian leather sectional will sure add a chic expression and contemporary style to your living room. A subtle raised side arm begs patrons to kick back and relax. The only thing I would worry about is that it may take the attention away from all other decorating pieces in your living room

Crescendo Sofa
Constructed all with hardwood with interlocking construction and the unique curved design adds a smooth, seamless, sleek appeal to your living room area, and excels in the areas of both fashion and usability.

Can you believe this chair is actually designed back in the 1950s? This wire chair is made by hand from chrome steel rods bent into a wire mesh. If you put this chair in your living room, it will surely get noticed and mentioned by your guests and friends. This chair is currently available at inmod for $175.

Wire Chair

I am sure most of you love the sofa in your living room. After all, it is the color and style you picked and you think it would fit into your room nicely.  If your sofa is put against the wall, then you probably won’t see the back of it, but for people who have sofa back exposed, it is better to put something behind. Let’s face it, the back of a sofa is generally rather “ugly”.  

Table Behind Sofa

A simple solution is to put a console table behind the sofa to take the focus away when people starting behind the sofa. Then you can put other pieces such as a lamp or a stack of books on the table. Then your living room will have totally a different look and feeling.  Don’t believe it? Give it a try as this solution is inexpensive and simple.

The Swedish design group “Humans Since 1982” created this dynamic little thing by using 24 analog clocks. The catch is that you need to set these clocks to differnt time zones and then you see how things changed when these clocks are in different positions. So when you wake up in the morning and look at this, you should always feel you have something different in your room.

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